We are a company founded in September 2004, so we‘ve been on the market for almost 13 years. We focus on a niche market of translation and interpreting services from English and French into Romanian and Hungarian. We target mainly small or medium sized companies who have interests in Romania and/or Hungary, and we can offer top quality at a fair price. We cannot handle multilingual projects, so we do not target large corporations that need translations into 30 languages. We are well aware of our limitations, but we also know our strong points. We are at the Romanian – Hungarian border, therefore we have access to a large pool of talented translator whose native languages are Romanian and Hungarian. We have a strong in-house team of project managers and translators who can coordinate complex translation projects into Romanian and Hungarian. Plus we have a solid infrastructure that you are welcome to visit at any time, so that you see the difference between a company with great human resources behind a website as opposed to a company of one person hidden behind the anonymity given by the web.