Unfortunately nowadays the competition on the Romanian translation market focuses mainly on the rates (I have a feeling that this is the case in other countries as well), not on the quality or best price/quality ratio. Many foreign companies choose their Romanian translation provider based on a website, a brief exchange of e-mails and, most importantly, based on the rates. Serious companies offering quality, paying taxes, having the right infrastructure etc. cannot go below a certain rate.

We believe that companies that are interested in quality translations and real facts about their potential translation partners in Romania, not only in the lowest rates, will welcome these few useful tips on how to check the size and history of a company.

  1. http://www.mfinante.gov.ro/pjuridice.html?pagina=domenii – This is the place on the website of the Romanian Ministry of Finance where you can check if the company really exists. If yes, you can see the number of employees, the yearly turnover and other basic financial info.
  2. If you want more detailed information from several sources in a single place, you will need to pay a few dollars, but in the end we believe that it is worth it. Go to www.risco.ro or www.termene.ro, and you can get info about who owns the company, or you can find out if that company has any debts, any legal issues, plus detailed financial information.
  3. Ask for references, and contact them.

These are three simple measures that could help you not fall into the trap of a well-designed website, allegedly belonging to an important translation company in Romania, but in reality owned by a single person with a yearly turnover of just a few thousand dollars, with a single employee, probably the owner. Sometimes, they don’t even have any qualifications in the field of translations, and we encountered cases when the “professional” translators owning the company barely got their high-school degree. This can happen because of the fact that there are no strict rules in Romania in this field.

We hope that you’ll find this information useful.